Q: What time should I plan to arrive?

A: Participants should plan to allow plenty of time to get to the race start. Plan to arrive at LEAST 15-20 minutes before your scheduled race start.

Q: Can I walk?
A: Yes, we have lots of walkers. We ask walkers to start at the back of the pack. The race course officially closes at 9:30 a.m., which means walkers have approximately 2.5 hours to complete the course.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Yes, well-socialized, non-aggressive dogs are welcome. Dogs may come as spectators with their owners or they may participate in the event with their owners. Dog owners are solely responsible for their pets’ actions and must agree to follow the Dog/Stroller Policy* for the safety of all participants. *Please see Dog/Stroller Policy at bottom of page.

Q. Is there a place I can leave my jacket, bag, etc.?
A. Due to the size of the event, a gear check is NOT AVAILABLE to general event attendees. Participants are encouraged to keep their gear with them at all times.

Q: Can someone else pick up my packet?
A: Yes. The person picking up the packet(s) will need the participant’s name and a picture of your ID. A text message photo is fine! 

Q: Is there assistance available if I can’t do the whole course?
A: Yes, we have paramedics, radio operators and police officers patrolling the course. If you need assistance, just ask a volunteer or an officer for help. We also have water stops and restrooms located on the course.

Q: Are baby strollers allowed?
A: Absolutely, we welcome parents with children in strollers to participate!

Q: Are there concessions available?
A: The race will provide water and fruit for our participants at no charge. Other vendors and sponsors often provide additional refreshments.


Q: What if the race is cancelled?

A: The race will only be cancelled due to extreme situations. Our first priority would be too reschedule or delay. 

Q: What if it rains or if there is bad weather?
A: No matter what the weather, the race will go on unless it is unsafe! Any possible weather delays will be communicated via email and on our Facebook page. Please “like” our Facebook page for all important announcements.

Q: What happens to the proceeds from the event?
A: Proceeds from the event benefit The Children's Village.

Q: Where do I park?
A: Please park along the side streets or across in the Bergfeld Center. Please do not park on College Street.

*Dog/Stroller Policy:
Participants with dogs and/or strollers should line up at the back of the run/walk pack. Let the runners get up ahead so all may enjoy the course safely.

We recommend participants with dogs and/or strollers walk the course, however if you choose to run the course with your dog/stroller, please use extreme caution for the safety of your child, your dog and others running around you. We want all pups, kids and participants to complete the course safely.

Only dogs who are well-socialized with other dogs and people should be brought to the event. For the safety of all, please use your good judgment knowing your dog’s personality and behaviors.

Dog owner/handlers must be 18 years of age or older.

Dog owners/handlers may only be responsible for one dog at a time during the event.

All dogs must be on an appropriate leash at all times. Fixed length/static leashes not longer than 3 feet should be used to prevent a hazard to other participants.

Dog owner/handler is expected to be a responsible dog owner, provide appropriate water and pick up after their pet at all times.